Suction baskets with flap






Suction baskets are devices that are installed at the beginning of suction pipelines in order to prevent the entry of larger foreign particles into the pipeline and to prevent the return flow of the working fluid.

They are used for fresh and seawater, chemically non-aggressive and aggressive fluids, as well as for fluids with the content of abrasive particles.


Suction baskets are manufactured for nominal diameters up to 1200 (mm), pressures up to 16 (bar) and temperatures up to 150 (° C) with connection dimensions of flanges according to SRPS M.B6.011 and DIN 2501. At the customer’s request, we also make suction baskets for larger nominal diameters and pressures.

The main parts of the suction basket are the housing, the perforated part and the non-return valve. The perforated part prevents the penetration of foreign particles into the pipeline, and the non-return valve prevents the return flow of the working fluid.


The housing of the suction baskets and the cover of the non-return valve are made of structural steel by welding.

The perforated sheet is galvanized, and the sealing rubber on the valve cover is made of EPDM.


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