Plate knife gate valves






Plate knife gate valves are devices that serve as shut-off organs in pipelines through which pulp and liquids containing sand, crystals and other impurities are transported.

They are used in water purification and preparation plants, pumping stations, the pulp and paper industry, in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and paint and varnish industries, refineries, sugar factories and other places.

The use of plate valves is recommended in pipelines in which they are completely open or completely closed during operation, and the flow of working material can be in both directions.


We make plate knife gate valves – type “A” with a shut-off body in the form of a rectangular plate that has an opening the size of the nominal diameter in the middle part and plate knife gate valves – type “B” whose shut-off body (plate) has no opening. Plate valve – type “A” is open when the opening in the shut-off body coincides with the corresponding opening on the housing, and plate – type “B” when the shut-off body leaves the opening on the housing. The movement of the shut-off plates is rectilinear, and the guidance of plates is realized by special guides placed in the housing.

Sealing is achieved by contacting the respective surfaces of the shut-off plates and sealing rings, placed in the appropriate channels of the housing.

The housing of the plate valves is designed as two-part, made of structural steel by welding, whereby the parts of the housing are connected with screws. The installation length of the valve is very small, and the installation in the pipeline, due to its specific construction, is achieved by passing screws that are screwed into the body of the housing. We make plate valves with manual, pneumatic, hydraulic and electromechanical drives. The maximum valve sizes, which use the appropriate type of drive, are determined depending on the power of the drive. Connection dimensions are according to SRPS M.B6.011 and DIN 2501, nominal pressure NP 10 (bar), and nominal diameters from DN 50 to DN 500 (mm).


The housing of the plate valves is made of structural steel by welding, and the shut-off plate is made of stainless steel of appropriate surface hardness. The primary sealing is realized between the shut-off plate and rings made of technical plastic of appropriate hardness, and the secondary sealing is with graphite braids and flat rubber.


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