Conical shut-off valves






Conical shut-off valves are devices intended for installation at the outlet of the pipeline. Depending on the need, conical shutters provide absolute closure of the flow section, regulate the flow or reduce the energy of the output working fluid.

Thanks to these properties, conical seals have found application in hydroelectric dams, in places of permanent discharge of water from reservoirs, in places of occasional discharge of water and where the discharge of water is in flood control schemes.


Conical shutters are made with nominal diameters DN 200 to DN 1200 (mm), nominal pressures up to NP 16 (bar), and working fluid temperatures up to 80 (° C) with connection measures that meet the standards SRPS M.B6.011 and DIN 2501.

Conical shutters are made in a welded construction, shaped so that their rigidity and other characteristics meet all the requirements of the operating conditions. The cylindrical body of the shutter has a flange on its upstream side for connection to the pipeline, while its opposite side is shaped so that it passes into a cone which together with the radial supports forms an annular outlet.

The functions of opening, closing and flow regulation are performed by axial movement of the movable cylinder whose movement is conditioned by the drive mechanism, which in the standard version can be manual or electro-mechanical. The conical shutter constructed in this way forms an outlet jet of water at its exit,  in the form of a divergent hollow cone in which the necessary reduction of the kinetic energy of the water current is performed.

The conical shutters are equipped with a drive assembly which consists of a conical splitter, two bevel gears with the role of intermediate gears and two trapezoidal threaded pairs symmetrically placed on both sides of the shutter which provide a self-braking function.


The housing of the conical shutters is made of structural steel by welding, and the sliding surfaces of the casings and supports are made of stainless steel.

The movable cylinder is made of structural steel by welding, and the sliding and ring sealing surfaces are made of stainless steel.

We make the sealing ring and movable seal from EPDM.


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