Air valves with small opening






Air valves with a small opening are automatic exhaust valves that serve for the correct operation of the pipeline.

Their role is to relieve the air released from the water into the atmosphere during operation.

They are installed at the highest breaking points of the pipeline, and thanks to their functioning, the pipeline connects with the outside atmosphere.


When the pressure and temperature of the water change, a certain amount of air is released from the system.

This air, together with the air that remained in the pipeline during the filling of the system with water, is collected at the highest breaking points, so automatic exhaust air valves are installed in these places. Air collects in the valve body, changes the water level, and the floating ball automatically, due to the action buoyancy forces open and close the air outlet. When the pipeline is empty, the ball is in the lower dead position on the guide, and the calibrated opening is free.

The air valve housing with a small opening is welded. Guides are attached to the housing, which leads the ball so that it can move axially up and down. A ball seal is welded to the ball, which moves together with the ball and whose position depends on the water pressure in the system. The housing is closed on the upper side with a cover on which there is a calibrated opening that serves to release air from the pipeline.

The flange connection dimensions are according to SRPS M.B6.011 and DIN 2501.


The housing is in a welded construction, the housing cover and the protective cover are made of structural steel.

The sealing rubber is made of EPDM, and the ball is made of steel for deep drawing. Protection of balls from corrosion is achieved by plasticizing the outer surface, and resistance to hydraulic shock is provided by a special internal reinforcement of the balls.


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