Water tank and fire extinguisher






The upgrade consists of the water tank, fire pump, bulk winch, installation piping, accessory tanks and accessories.

The body elements are connected to the vehicle chassis via the auxiliary chassis.

The water tank of prismatic cross-section, with a capacity of 8,000 litres, is made of steel braided sheet metal 3 mm thick, with two internal partitions against water ripples. The dimensions of the tank are approx. 2,500 x 2,300 x 1,400 mm.

The tank is protected from rust on the outside and inside, and protected on the inside by safe colour due to the possibility of transport and distribution of drinking water. On the upper side of the tank which is passable and bordered by a 20 cm high fence, we put an inspection opening of diameter Ø500 mm with the cover, sealing rubber and filter, as well as an overflow pipe Ø52 mm in diameter.

The tank is filled at the filling connection with a diameter of Ø52 mm. The tank is connected to the auxiliary chassis in three points (supports).

The centrifugal pump is driven by the cardan shaft from the auxiliary drive on the gearbox, flow 1,200 l / min at a 10 bar pressure. The pump controls are located in the cab, to the right of the driver’s seat. The pump is supplied via the suction hose and the tank is emptied via a two-outlet pump Ø52 mm diameter and bulk winch. All valves and taps are ball ones.

A safety valve is installed on the discharge line to protect the pump from overpressure and excess returns water to the water tank.

The bulk winch is placed in the rear of the superstructure above the pump with a Ø38 hose diameter mm 30 m long, with a nozzle and two hose connections Ø38 mm 7.5 m long.

The winch drive is provided via an electric motor.

This superstructure consists of two tanks in the front (in front of the water tank, on the left and right, with shelves and equipment racks that close the rolling shutters with a key) and one tank in the rear part where the water pump is located, in bulk winch, pipelines and other firefighting fittings. The rear tank is closed by a roll door both side and back. The tanks must be lit, and the lights come on and off when opening and closing the roll door.

On the roof of the truck, an anti-slip aluminum sheet is placed over the entire surface.

At the rear part of the truck there is a ladder for climbing to the roof and a water pipe with water level sensors that activate the sound and light signal at minimum water level.
• At the front part of the truck there are two nozzles for automatic pressurized washing of surfaces which are pneumatically operated from the vehicle cab.

At the rear part of the truck four ball valves with a Ø25 mm diameter are placed and they are powered by the free fall. The same valves are used for drinking water and hand washing.

The colour of the vehicle and its upgrade is RAL 3000 with white details as agreed during vehicle construction. All steel elements are first cleaned by sandblasting, and then painted twice with 2K epoxy
basic protection and then final polyurethane paint.

Markings with the coat of arms of the City, Fire Brigade, as well as other markings and inscriptions on the vehicle are made according to the agreement, after the construction of the completed vehicle.

The vehicle is equipped with light and sound signalization: with three “LED-STROB” blue lamps, two of which are placed on the roof of the cabin on the right and left, and one on the roof of the upgrades in the back part. Dimensional markings are placed on the upgrade of the vehicle. The vehicle is equipped with a siren with variable warning sounds.

1. Operating and maintenance instructions
2. Service booklet and warranty card with warranty conditions
3. Wiring diagram and
4. Spare parts catalogue



Full vehicle specification find below