Container with metal lid






1.1m3 (1,100 liters)
Container is produced according to standards: SRPS EN 840-3:2008, SRPS EN 840-5:2008 and SRPS EN 840-6:2010 Container is dimensionally in accordance with standard 30700 Container fully corresponds to purpose, according standards: 840-6 Container dimensions: 1360x1050x1410 mm
Sheet steel 1.2 ÷ 1.5 mm thick
Side supports for emptying the container
Two handrails on the front, one handrail on each lateral side, and one on the lid
Sliding, spring-driven (with helical lifting spring system), Rounded cover with protective rubber, made of sheet metal 1.2 ÷ 1.5 mm. Lid calibration mechanism Mechanism for stopping the lid in the open position. Lid bracket welded to the side of the lid.
Lateral side
Made of one piece, welded to container shell
Container body
Bottom, front and back side are made completely of one piece, shell of the container
Bottom of the container
Rounded in radius R400 extracted by plastic deformation together with front and back side of the container
Reinforcement on the bottom
4 supports set along the hole length, from front to back wheels, where the highest force of bottom deformation is placed during manipulation
Supporting the container on four (4) wheels with metal rim and rubber coating hardness 80 SCHOR. Four wheels, all swivel and bolted to the body of the container. Diameter of the wheel ∅ 200 mm. Load capacity 200 kg by the wheel. Rotation angle 360⁰ . All metal parts are galvanized. Two front wheels with brake mechanism (foot brake). Two rear wheels free (without braking mechanism).
Water drain
Water drain on the bottom of the container
Wheel carrier
Wheel carrier is made of sheet steel ≠4 mm
Anticorrosive protection is performed by hot-dip galvanizing in accordance with EN standard ISO 1461 Surface protection: Hot dip galvanizing
Warranty period
2 years


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