Worm gearboxes






These worm gearboxes are used as mechanical devices for the manual or electro-mechanical drive of pipes shutter. The gearbox reduces the input speed of the shut-off device, ie.  the closing speed of the pipe shutter to the permitted or agreed on sizes.

At the same time, the reducer increases the available amount of input torque to the amount of torque at the output of the reducer required to open or close the pipe shutter.


Worm gearboxes of our production are robust in construction and easy to handle and maintain and long-lasting if used properly and for the purpose for which they are designed. The main characteristics of worm gearboxes, which are different types of gearboxes, are the magnitudes of maximum output torques, gear ratios, axial distances, overall dimensions and connection measures at the inlet and outlet of the gear unit.

These worm gearboxes are characterized by the ability to self-brake, because the angle of inclination of the coil g, is less than the angle of the friction r.

The worm has spirals whose longitudinal cross-section is trapezoidal, and the cross-section is in the shape of an Archimedean spiral.

The worm wheel is made in the shape of a segment and its rotation is limited by a stop at approximately 90 °, as this is sufficient for the shut-off organ to perform the function.

The connections at the inlet and outlet of the gear unit comply with DIN 3210 and ISO 5211, respectively.

The calculation of the gearbox was performed on the basis of the latest knowledge and a modern method with an input speed of max 100 (rpm).


The housing of worm gearboxes is made of structural steel by welding.

The worm of the gear is made of steel for improvement and is appropriately heat-treated, and the worm wheel wreath is made of aluminium bronze.


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