Welded pipes






Welded pipes are designed for the production of certain sections of pipelines for the transport of fluids under a certain pressure.


Pipes are made by longitudinal welding up to a max of 6 (m) in length, depending on the width of the sheet metal plate from which the pipe is bent.

By transverse welding of these pipes, pipes are obtained in lengths suitable for transport.

We make pipes for working pressures NP 2.5, NP 6, NP 10 and NP 16 (bar), and for nominal diameters DN 300 to DN 2000 (mm). For working pressures NP 25 (bar) we make pipes of nominal diameter DN 300 to DN 1000 (mm), and for working pressures NP 40 (bar) from DN 300 to DN 600 (mm).


Pipes are made of S235JR or some other steel with similar properties for operating temperatures up to 120 (° C).

For temperatures above 120 (° C) we use other steels of appropriate strength.


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