Swing check valves – aslope






Swing check valves-aslope are protective devices in pipelines and pipe systems for fluid transport.

They are used to prevent the return flow of the working fluid, and the action of the swing check valves – aslope is automatic.

They are most widely used in wastewater transport plants when the available pump pressure is low and the return water can be under atmospheric pressure (without overpressure). Check valves – aslope allow fluid to flow in only one direction, so during installation, care should be taken that the direction of the arrow on the valve body corresponds to the direction of movement of the working fluid in a specific pipeline.


Check valves – aslope are made with a shut-off body that rotates around an axis that is parallel to the horizontal upper tangent. The sealing surface is at an angle, elliptical in shape and welded with a corrosion-resistant electrode, and the sealing is done through a rubber ring located on the shut-off body. At the customer’s request, we produce in other dimensions and for other nominal pressures.


We make the housing and the shut-off body from structural steel by welding, and the shaft from corrosion-resistant steel. Sealing elements are made of EPDM.


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