Flat plate gate valves






Flat plate gate valves are intended for installation at the ends of pipelines from which fluid flows continuously or intermittently, whereby the valve can be fully or partially opened or closed.

They are particularly suitable for closing drainage pipes in drinking water wells, for closing pipes by which fluid is transferred from one tank to another in a controlled manner, and for closing pipes in similar places.


Flat plate gate valves are made for nominal pressure NP 2.5 (bar) and for nominal diameters DN 150 to DN 1200 (mm). At the customer’s request, we make these valves in other sizes as well as for other nominal pressures.

Such a Flat plate gate valve is connected with screws to the tubular flange located at the end of the pipe on which it is installed.

Closing or opening is done manually or electromechanically, and the drive is appropriately distanced with the help of a distancing mechanism. At the customer’s request, another type of drive can be installed, such as pneumatic or hydraulic.


The movable plate, nut and threaded spindle are made of suitable stainless steel, and the fixed plate and guides are made of suitable structural steel. The sealing surface on the fixed board and the sliding surfaces of the guides are welded with a suitable stainless electrode. At the customer’s request, these valves can be made completely of suitable stainless steel.


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