Expansion joints






Expansion joints are devices used in pipelines as connecting and compensating elements for displacements resulting from thermal and other dilatations. They allow easy and simple installation of pipe fittings and measuring elements and regulating devices using available displacements in the range +/- Δ1.

Due to the relatively small installation length, expansion joints are particularly suitable for installation in manholes.


The product’s range of expansion joints, with regard to nominal diameters and pressures, completely coincides with the range of ​​manufacturing of butterfly valves, and the maximum allowed temperature of the working fluid is 150 (° C). Flange connection dimensions comply with SRPS M.B6.011 and DIN 2501.

Simple and reliable construction, performed by welding, meets all safety requirements and functionality.

Sealing is achieved by an O-ring placed in the groove that forms the housing and the tightening flange, which also enables subsequent tightening during operation.


For non-aggressive fluids, the production of expansion joints is performed on structural steels, and for aggressive fluids, on chemically resistant steel.

The sealing ring, depending on the temperature of the working fluid, is made of EPDM or special EPDM.


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