Backwater valves






Backwater valves are used as non-return shut-off devices at the ends of pipelines and channels that close on their own after the liquid has drained.

They allow the passage of liquid in one direction and prevent the return flow of liquid and the entry of foreign objects into the pipeline. The role of backwater covers is to protect against floods in conditions of high water levels at the main drainage channels.


Backwater valves are made for nominal diameters up to 1200 (mm), pressures up to 16 (bar) and temperatures up to 150 (° C) with connection dimensions of flanges SRPS M.B6.011 and DIN2501. At the customer’s request, we also make backwater valves for larger nominal diameters.

Backwater valves consist of a housing and a flat cover, which are connected by a shaft around which the cover rotates.

Sealing is achieved by placing a rubber ring placed in the cover on the body of the housing.


The housing and cover are made of structural steel, the shaft is made of stainless steel, and the plain bearings are made of bronze.

The rubber ring is made of EPDM.


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